This is what we are up to

We're up to something again.
Some 10 years ago, we started, a collaborative travel guide online. We believed that the web would change the travel publishing fundamentally. Back then it wasn't so easy to find travel information online. The CIA had its factbook with some good and reliably information about every country, but that was about it. Publishers of books kept their information to themselves.
So we set up a sort of travel wiki (a word we had never heard of) to get user generated content (a word we had never heard of either) and we started mailing people all over the world to help us build an open travel guide.
It worked. When it started working we renamed our project to World66 and it grew to become one of the biggest wiki-style travel sites. World66 and Wikitravel were finally bought by Internet Brands and the twin open content sites probably constitute the biggest wikistyle travel project online.
Just as important as the arrival of open travel guides, is the fact that the way traditional publishers deal with the web has changed considerably. Frommers, Fodor's, the Rough Guide and Lonely Planet put their information online because they need to. Free good quality online travel guides offered the alternative that forced publishers to take the Internet serious.

A lot has changed since the days we first launched the travel site. All the content is there, neatly ordered like the pages of a book. There's loads of information. So much actually that you can do the most amazing things with it.

So we're back with a travel site. We call it Triposo - travel hacks. It will not be a huge travel content portal. It will be about doing new stuff with the information that's out there. Come back every now and then and we'll to show you some of the cool stuff you can do with all the travel data that's out there. There will be small, sometimes silly, style projects that will make you smile and bigger more serious endeavours. All travel related. All fun. Promise.