The map of Christmas

We're busy making a Christmas Travel hack. We're gathering data to find out which cities are best for a (pre) Christmas trip. One type of data we are analyzing is the number of photo's taken around christmas time. So while we were busy doing that, we had the idea to make a map that shows which percentage of all photo's taking in december in a given location are taken around christmas time. The following map shows the result:

On the map red means that a large percentage of december photos are taken around christmas. As you see, Europe lights up brightly, especially Central Europe - not strange given the popularity of Christmas markets in Germany, the Czech republic and Austria.
Although it's hard to judge by looking at a world map on this scale, you can also conclude from the data that cities are popular around christmas - more so than the countryside.
Mexico also seems quite a popular place around Christmas.

The real christmas hack will come soon - so check back soon to see whether the results of that hack match with this map.


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