New hacks, new interface!

So here it is: a new hacks and a new (and much improved) way of looking at the hacks. We've done a whopping six new hacks:

  • popularity: which places are most popular?
  • price level: what are cheap places, what are expensive places?
  • safety: which places are relatively 
  • romance: what are the most romantic destinations?
  • culture: want to go to a museum? Here are your best bets!
  • walkability: what places are best for a nice stroll

More importantly we have a new way of presenting the results of these hacks on You can use the slides to create any combination of th
e above 6 criteria and get the best results on the map. So if you want a place that is unsafe, yet romantic and dead cheap, we have a bunch of really romantic places in Afghanistan for you, like Bamian or Herat. If it's cheap and safe you want head for South-East Asia. Or you zoom into Southern Italy and look for the most romantic places (Amalfi!). It's great fun to play around with, we think.

The upcoming blog posts we'll shed some light the individual hacks. Meanwhile, we appreciate your feedback.


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