A *big* update

Here’s a big update about what we’ve been up to lately.

When we started out we were doing travel hacks: getting together interesting travel related data and then see what interesting conclusions we could draw from that data. Which city is most popular on what day? What are the best Christmas markets in the world? What are the most romantic cities? It was a lot of fun to do, and with interesting results.
We are still doing travel hacks, we are still getting together interesting travel related data and mixing and mashing, but all for one purpose: we are trying to build the best free interactive travel app for travelers.

The Android App we’ve built, our Triposo Travel Guide, is currently at version 0.5. It has the following features:

• Background information based on most relevant parts of Wikipedia articles about the destination.
• A sights section highlighting the places where most photographs are taken.
• Most popular daytrips based on a travel hack where we rank nearby destinations based on the frequency of the term “daytrip” in blogs and other pages, as well as overall popularity,
• An eating out section based on recommended restaurants in Wikitravel.
• An offline map based on Open Streetmap with a bit of help from the people at Cloudmade.

We’ve launched city guides for about 20 destinations and we are getting good reviews from users, and see a very steady growth in the number of downloads.

What can you expect in the future?

• Step by step we’ll be adding new features to our app. Activities and to do lists are on our agenda.
• We’ll be adding more guides. More cities. We might even do requests. But in the end we are going to do a setup where we have just one App from which you can download exactly the info you want to have.
• We use Open Content travel information, so somewhere along the line you can expect to see us releasing parts of our setup under a creative commons license as well.
• And we plan to bring this blog back to life. Share interesting things we come across while building our guides and publish them as travel hacks.


Woland said...

I can't find your app on my market... Is it compatible with the qvga screen resolution? Is there any direct link to download the apk? Please, I need the guide to Florence since I will visit it next week. Thank you

Ezelhaar said...

@Woland: I think it's indeed a resolution issue. We'll try and see what we can do.

alexandra said...


i cant download in market, always i see this message: "There are no Android phones associated with this account", coul you please tell me the link for apk? i will travel in june and would like this guides.
Thanks a lot

Raymond Stokes said...

That's really great that new features were added. Every app should be updated. And I need essay help on one of my projects on app development. Hope to finish it with my writer John Seths.

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