Welcome back Zurich

One of the first guides we published was our Zurich guide. It was like a first try and not all the reviews were positive. The design was compared to that of a website from the mid nineties. We've come a long way since. Our guides look like apps, and work like apps and are getting great reviews from users.
Except for Zurich. Somewhere along the road when we change the internal naming of our destinations, we had a small problem with Zurich. It became ZC3CBrich or something.
So while we upgraded all our guides from 0.25 to 0.3, and from there step by step to 0.9, Zurich (or should we say ZC3CBrich) lagged behind. It was still at 0.25.
Today we uploaded the new version. Zurich is back with the rest. Hurray! Welcome back Zuri!

iPhone Guides and Android Updates

We've launched three of our guides for iPhone as well. So far they're just for iPhones, but we're doing internal beta tests for a universal App that will work as well on the iPad. We love the way they are looking right now, and we expect that you will do. Here is a sneak preview:

On the Android side: we've uploaded new versions 0.87 for all our Apps and we are working on new version that will include a map for the cities around, as well as more interactive features. Stay tuned.