A rip and a skip and a roar!

Triposo is a distributed company - we're four guys and so far we have never been in the same continent at the same time since we started. But soon this will change. Next Monday our first Jamboree will start. Being a distributed company is great but every distributed company needs to get together with the team every now and then. Although we have never been boyscouts, we've come to call these gatherings or meetups Jamborees.

Our first Jamboree is in Amsterdam and it's starting next Monday. With a little help from our friends at AirBNB we've managed to all find a place to crash at night for the coming weeks. We'll be working hard to release new versions of our guides with new great features - and to dream up more wonderful things that we'll be working on after the Jamboree.

Needless to say, we're all very excited. In the words of poet Robert Service:
They are all a-glee for the jamboree, and they make the Landing ring
With a whoop and a whirl, and a “Grab your girl”, and a rip and a skip and a roar.


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