Vector maps

This morning we launched an update of our Amsterdam guide that uses vector maps. We're pretty proud of it already, but we will continue to smooth out the rough edges. The great things with the vector maps is that they show more detail, and take up less space.

Just for fun I looked up a (pretty) old screenshot of our map and compared it to our current. It's not 100% fair given that the old screenshot shows an overview and the new one is zoomed in on one of our favorite bars, but it still gives you an idea of how far we've come...

For all our iOS users: we're working on it!


seph said...

Thats really cool!!!

I wrote the first 3rd party ios map viewing library (route-me) like, 3 years ago. I always wanted to make it use vectors instead of map tiles. I'm glad someone's finally done it - well done :D

davidibq said...

i'm just curious. Did you write your own vector renderer to display maps? Or did you use any 3rd party library?

Jayen said...

wow omg. i want this as a library. it's so smooth. how can i get it? do you have a license for it?

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