Checking in

Yesterday, we explained in some detail how suggestions work in the new version of our app. Today, let's have a look at another new feature: check ins.

Since we started, we've always wanted our users to be able to record their trips. So the check in functionality we built is not about badges or showing your friends that you hang out in really cool places. It's about recording your trip while you travel. You visit a sight, you take a picture and a little not and you store it. And you don't need an Internet connection to do it. You can check in when you are offline and sync your pictures and check ins when you find a wifi spot. At the end of your trip you have an easy way of showing where you went.

We're not quite done with this last part. We're busy designing a great site where you will be able to relive your trips. But you don’t need to wait. If you download our app you can start recording your trip right away. We’ll make sure those check ins end up in your profile later on. So you can start recording your trips now!


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