First night in Marrakech

Marrakech is famous for many things. The daily spectacle of the main square. The beautiful backdrop with the snowcapped Atlas mountains. The hard haggling salesmen of the medina. But not for its bars. And last night we happened to be looking for one to have a few beers, so with our Triposo apps in our hands we hit the town.
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Our guides lists only a handful places to have a drink in Marrakech. So we decided to go for the Maimounia, the famous hotel where Winston Churchill used to down his highball. Off course Winston wasn't wearing tennis shoes and we didn't know about the dress code of not wearing tennis shoes... On our way to the next place we stumbled upon Marmara (not in our guide) - we went down to the basement to have a beer. The Karaoke fun had just started. We're sorry to report that we took part in the singing: Douwe and Richard did their own personal version of Jaques Brel's classic Le Port d'Amsterdam.

The last place we went to was Narwama. It's certainly a nice place, with a sort of a fire fountain in the middle, but the beer is on the expensive side there (our guide did warn us here though, but the adjective slightly wasn't totally justified we feel). So we headed back to our Riad, where luckily we had a whole tray of beer waiting for us.

Our take away from our first night out is that adding places (bars) to our guide would be cool functionality to build during this Jamboree. We'll be scouring the streets of Marrakech for better places to have a beer at night and if we find any that are not in our guide (like the Karaoke place) and that deserve to be in (unlike the Karaoke place).


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While reading this post I have experienced my trip to Marrakech twice in my head. I have quite a positive memories about the Maimounia. If you, guys, are still there, I can share the best places to visit. My whole post is dedicated to my trip on my blog I hope you will enjoy reading it.

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