Let's sync!

There's a new version of our app in the Appstore. There's loads of new stuff, like maps with subway stations and atms, but we think that the feature you'll like best is that you can sync your bookmarks between devices. 

To sync you all you need to do is sign in with your Facebook account in the app. Once that's done, you can use your iPad in the plane and plan some things you don't want to miss. When you hit the town you get out your iPhone and you're sure to find them back easily. 

As an extra service you can also find all your synced bookmarks on our website. Again, all you need to do is sign in with your Facebook account. In the next release you will be able to sync on Android as well. 

Good news for our Android fans

A couple of weeks ago we launched a new iOS app. We dubbed it a self starter and we made a nice little video explaining the new features. Features that were not in the Android app and that might have made our Android fans a little jealous. Today we launch the new Android app. The good news is that it has some features you will not find in iOS - and that might iOS users a little jealous.
  • Long tap on the map
    Long tap on the map and find places close to the point you have chosen or add a point of interest that's missing from our guide in a very easy way.
  • Practical information
    We added a lot of practical information to the new Android app: maps with subway stations, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies. All very useful and first on Android. 
  • More travelpedia
    We have always had a lot of background information but we've taken it a few levels deeper. When you visit a museum of art, we now give you easy access to in depth information about the works of art, the artists and the art streams. It's all just one tap away, and we believe it will make your trip more interesting if you have a chance to read.
  • Read to me
    We realize that all of this background information is great, but sometimes you don't feel like reading it all. That's why we have the new read-to-me feature. Put in your head phones and close your eyes... 
We believe that that's how it should be. Sometimes we launch things first on iOS and sometimes on Android. And there are platform specific things that will only exist in one platform and not in the other.

We're hiring!

We just put up a jobs section on our site, because we're looking for talented engineers to join our team.
We’re looking for engineers that share our passion for travel and who believe in our mission: to make the best travel guide. If that description fits you, we’re sure you will be excited by what we offer.
We will not repeat the whole job ad in this blog post. You can find it here. Have a look at it and if you want to be part of our adventure, drop us a line.