Meet the Tripsers

Ionut Bizau

This week we also want to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Ionut, who grew up in Transylvania but has joined us in Berlin from Beijing (on his way to Phnom Penh)! Ionut is known for his epic bike trips across Asia as well as his lethal homemade schnapps.

What do you do at Triposo?
I use alien technology and some bits of sorcery to build awesome travel guides. I’m also the chief carpentry advisor.

Where do you call 'home'? Where have you lived?
I’m currently a nomad. Home is wherever I am at the moment, but I will probably spend my time commuting between Phnom Penh and Berlin. The place I would most likely call “home” if asked is Beijing, where I spent a non-negligible part of my life.

How did you get the travel bug?
Probably when I first traveled to Germany alone. I was 12 years old and I went by bus from my hometown in Romania. This was before the Schengen Agreement, so there were lots of borders to cross. I don't really know how I managed to cross so many borders at that age without being accompanied by a parent.

Memorable journey?
Biking the ~2000km from Lijiang (Yunnan province, China) to Vientiane (Laos) was probably the most amazing.

Where do you dream of travelling to?
Turkey, Middle East, Central Asia and biking on the Tibetan plateau (West Sichuan, Qinghai).

What's the best travel advice you were given?
Enjoy the ride.

What do you always take when on the road?
Aeropress, GPS recorder, passport, cash and common sense.

What do you collect from your travels?
Experiences, memories, friends, bank notes and Chinese train tickets.

Triposo Adventurers

We're excited to announce that a week from now two travelers will take a plane from Barcelona and fly to a far off land to start an exciting adventure. A world trip that we are proud to sponsor.

Viola and Pascal will travel the world and during their trip they will organize events for travelers. Events where travelers will brainstorm about what really should be in the travel app of the future. The Triposo Adventurers (as we call them) will also invite the people they meet to help add places to our app that should be in there. And of course, they will keep a travel log of everything they do.

Their first stop will be Nepal - where they'll go after that is not sure, but it will surely be an exciting destination.

You can become their Facebook friends and get their updates on your timeline:

And of course you can see their travel log here:

And... we won!

We're really proud to announce that we won the 2012 global app of the year contest of the WYSTC. A big thanks to the jury! 

We're landing!

After one year of working as a completely distributed team, we're landing in Berlin. We've found a really nice place in the heart of Kreuzberg where we will have our HQ - it will be a place to work, to hangout, to brainstorm and to sleep for those coming to HQ from afar.

Beach huts being built in Berlin HQ

We will stay distributed, and our engineers will continue to work from a number of different places, but it feels great to have a place that we can call home.