Thanksgiving Present

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
It's Thanksgiving and many people are off to see their family. For all those traveling across the country we've got a present. The new version of the Triposo iOS app just hit the Appstore and we've added 5,000 US towns to our app.  Claymont, Delaware, Nachitoches, Louisiana and Meridian, Mississippi - here we come!

Meet Douwe!

The people who work at Triposo all love travel. But there's only one person in our team who has been to over 100 countries and that's Douwe, one of the founders of the company. He's the guy on the left, with the funny hat on the picture below (I'm the guy on the right).

So let's ask the guy who's been to a hundred countries a few questions!

Where have you lived? Where do you call 'home'?

I grew up in the Netherlands. I lived in Switzerland, India, Australia, Germany and depending on where you draw the line between visit and living, the United States. Berlin is feeling more and more like home.

How did you catch the travel bug?
Probably infected at birth. Our parents took us everywhere: driving up and down to Turkey with a caravan right through a bunch of communist countries was their idea of a perfect summer holiday. So it seemed perfectly natural to look at how to go to India by bus after I left high school.

What is the most interesting journey you've made?
Crossing the Sahel from Senegal to Freetown in West Africa on the back of trucks in the rainy season is certainly up there.

What is your favorite beach?
Tafatafa Beach in Samoa. Nice and far away from, well, everything.

Where do you dream of travelling to?
Ethiopia is currently on top of my list.

Travel advice you've been given/learned along the way?
It's always better to go then not to. Don't let people tell you you can't go to India unless you spend 3 months there. Three days in a strange country is better than three days at home.

What do you always take when on the road?
A passport, an ATM card and a phone with Triposo on it is all you need

The Sitges Hackathon (2)

We've just published the second project we did during our hackathon in Sitges. In this case it's just a little fun thing. We compiled a couple of lists of exciting things you can do during your travels and made a very simple interface to indicate what you've done and share it with your friends. We call it diddat. We had a lot of fun compiling a list of the most horrible things to eat or the most phallic buildings. We hope you have just as much fun.

Check it out here.

A new look for the travel logs

Your travel log just got revamped, and it's got a nice fresh look that's more in line with the rest of the site. We really love the new header which gives you a cool overview of where you went.

The overview page of recent travel logs also looks a lot more inspiring. Just looking at all the places people travel to using our guides and the pictures they take makes you want to take a plane and go there yourself.