Meet Jon

Jon is one of the founders of Triposo and just like the others he's well traveled. He's not just backpacked across most of Europe and Asia, but he has also been roaming the planet for six months with his wife a little baby. 

One of Jon's favorite spots:
The Annapurna massif in Nepal (picture by the Triposo Adventurers)

Which place do you call home?
I was born in Malmö, Sweden but I only lived there for the first 4 years of my life. Since then I've lived in various parts of Sweden, the UK and Australia. Now I’m living in Berlin where our HQ is.

How did you catch the travel bug?
My parents were part of radical political movement and travelled around a lot connecting with various factions. They also moved to wherever the movement needed them, so travelling has always been a natural part of my life. Staying in the same place for too long makes me restless.

What's the most interesting trip you've taken.
My first son was born in Australia in April last year. He is two weeks older than Triposo. We wanted to get closer to our parents so we decided to move back to Europe but we couldn't decide on exactly which city to live in. So we got rid of all our stuff in Australia, packed two bags and travelled around Europe for 6 months with a 6-month baby in tow. Finally we decided Berlin was the place to settle down in. It certainly was a different type of travelling to what we did before we had kids :-)

What's your favorite spot?
The Annapurna massif in Nepal had some mind blowing vistas. I trekked around it for 3 weeks ten years ago.

Where do you dream of travelling to?
There's so much left to see! I haven't done the Inca trail in Peru yet but Machu Picchu looks amazing in pictures. Love to do that.

Travel advice you've learned along the way?
Trust most people that you meet! There are bad seeds out there out to get to the content of your wallet but if you distrust everyone you miss out on amazing conversations and experiences.

What do you always take when on the road?
Earplugs and and an eye mask. With these I can sleep absolutely anywhere: airplanes, snoring dorms, partying hostels or noisy trains.

What do you collect when you travel?
Mostly memories. :-) Nah, lately I've started buying kitchy little souvenirs from each place I visit.


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