Rip, skip, roar! We are in Pozo on Gran Canaria for a Jamboree.

The Triposo Team looking for sharks & orca's

We're of course not just here to look for sharks. We came to do what we always do during our Jamborees.
  • We will celebrate. We have just wrapped up the Balut release (more about that later) and we think it's the best Triposo release ever. 
  • We will test our guides in the wild. We believe there is no better way to know how we can improve. So we've got an explorers night planned where the team will go out on a hunt for travel inspiration armed with nothing but our app and a credit card.
  • We will have a hackathon. It's just great to take one day and code code code and build some quirky, funny and amazing feature.
  • We will brainstorm about the next release, which will be called Chutney, which will be better than Balut!
  • Finally, since Pozo is really a surfing town with not much else going on than the surfing... yes we will go surfing as well. We'll post some pictures so you can all have a laugh.

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