Navigate the World’s Small, Cool Places With Our Latest iOS Update

Today we are happy to announce new features for our iOS app that give travelers like you a fresh new way to explore many of the small towns and beautiful, remote sites scattered across the globe that traditional guidebooks often leave out.

Our mission is to build a travel guide that you can use anywhere on the planet. Since people travel to many locations that are outside the major cities and towns, we’ve focused on making this version of our app the ultimate source of information about the many fun, authentic small towns, rural areas and off-the-beaten-path sites that exist all across the globe.

Here are some key new features:

  • New Towns: 22,000 from around the world have been added, with practical information like where to find a pharmacy and how to use public transportation.
  • New Points of Interest: 400,000 of them, including museums, natural landmarks and historical sites. 
  • More Attractions: 50,000 to be exact, many in some of the most remote parts of the world. Includes: hidden waterfalls, castles perched high on a hilltop and restaurants tucked away in the countryside.
  • Fresh Digs: Complete overhaul of the interface so you can more quickly find basic information or dig deeper into the details you find most interesting.
  • New Discovery Features: Reorganized to help people organically discover all the great attractions nearby by browsing through a town guide, exploring our skobbler-powered maps or checking out personalized suggestions for each area.
Check out these screenshots to see how the new app works:

Trakai is a fantastic small town located in Lithuania. Triposo now features a complete guide to Trakai,
with background information, highlights and detailed open-source maps.

Triposo provides information for curious travelers about Trakai’s Island Castle, nestled in the crystal-clear Lake Galve.

In addition to new content about small towns and regions, we’ve also added some really
cool new features for big cities:
  • Search by Time Period: Browse a city’s points of interest based on the time period in which they were built or the architect who designed, a great way to get a historical perspective.
  • Get Up Close & Personal: Zoom into a specific area in town and learn all about it, so you can get to know particular neighborhoods really well as they explore a new city.

We know, we know. The architecture feature is totally geeky, but it’s such an exciting way to explore a city. It really helps you to see it with different eyes. You can read about an architect or the style of a certain time period, and you’ll be able to appreciate the buildings and monuments and neighborhoods you visit that much more. Plus, it even works in your own town. For example, our CEO lived in Amsterdam for 10 years, but exploring the town by visiting all the buildings designed by Hendrick de Keyser gave him a totally new perspective on it.

Triposo’s app for iOS is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, and can be downloaded here. Check it out and let us know what you think!